Leveraging Crowdsourced GPS Data for Road Extraction From Aerial Imagery

Satellite image with GPS trajectories


Deep learning is revolutionizing the mapping industry. Under lightweight human curation, computer has generated almost half of the roads in Thailand on Open- StreetMap (OSM) using high resolution aerial imagery. Bing maps are displaying 125 million computer generated building polygons in the U.S. While tremendously more efficient than manual mapping, one cannot map out everything from the air. Especially for roads, a small prediction gap by image occlusion renders the entire road useless for routing. Misconnections can be more dangerous. Therefore computer-based mapping often requires local verifications, which is still labor intensive. In this paper, we propose to leverage crowdsourced GPS data to improve and support road extraction from aerial imagery. Through novel data augmentation, GPS rendering, and 1D transpose convolution techniques, we show almost 5% improvements over previous competition winning models, and much better robustness when predicting new areas without any new training data or domain adaptation.

In Procedings of The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2019
Tao Sun
M.Sc. in Computer Science